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About Champagne - One passion

To discover what's new, little known or simply different in the world of Champagne is our mission and our passion.

Adding intuitive search and comparison tools to the ever expanding Champagne database was our ambition and now it is online. There is information available for all: professionals looking to add new Champagnes to their wine lists and enthusiasts who are looking for something out of the ordinary, or simply curious to know what's bubbling away in their flute at a click.

  • Who

    Founded in 2014, by a group of wine enthusiasts with a particular interest in Champagne, Sparkling World has established itself in Reims, at the heart of the Champagne region, to be close to the producers, the Champagnes and to integrate fully into this magical environment.

  • What we do

    Learn something new every day and add it piece by piece to the database. A new producer, a new Champagne, a new technique… Each piece helps to fill the gap between what enthusiasts regularly search for on the Internet and the limited information previously available.

  • Why

    Until now it has been impossible to discover what Champagnes exist outside those mentioned in the guides, the blogs or stumbled across in a producer's website. Our innovative and systematic approach opens up a new horizon for professionals, connoisseurs and Champagne lovers to discover something new.

  • How

    Our sophisticated search and comparison tools will assist you in your selection; our virtual cellar and personal tasting notes will help you to remember the Champagnes you are interested in; our Follow function will alert you to a producer's latest news; and our Learning section will let you understand more about Champagne.

Rapidly Expanding Database Over 1.000 Champagnes already referenced

Help us to help you. If you can't find a Champagne that you are interested in, just tell us or tell the producer. The information could be on line within just a few hours.

Online access to the database can be granted to any Champagne producer, from the prestigious Champagne houses to the single winemaker. Within their dedicated areas, the producers can create their own profiles, reference or update the details of their Champagne collections and all new information will become publicly available within 2 hours.